current broadway shows [reviews]

phantom of the opera
i pretty much attribute my love of musicals to phantom of the opera. i had all the songs memorized by the time i was six and my dream came true to see it when it was twelve years old on london's west end. incredible. i recently saw it again, this time on broadway. it's just so exciting but also really creepy--- this guy that essentially stalks and obsesses over a young female performer. oh well, the story is powerful and much deeper than that--- and phantom of the opera is like the musical of all musicals. it's just a must see.
mon-thurs performances sell seats for $26.50 for mezzanine seats (which means you are like on the top top row but it's worth it!)

there are few broadway shows that i can say have changed my life. wicked is most definitely one of them. i would see it over and over again. i really would. wicked is the sort of back story to glinda and the wicked witch of the west, elfaba. they
were roommates in school, liked the same dude, et cetera. but to me the story is a
lot about how many people struggle with accepting those who are “different” and
allowing them to be who they are.
oh great. now i really want to see it again.
lottery: $26.50 cash only

mamma mia!
have you seen the movie? hehe. well don’t compare the two. a live performance versus and movie are just so very different. i love the realness and energy of everyone on stage. it’s a very “different story”--- a girl is getting married and doesn’t know between 3 men who her real father is. but i think the neatest part is the musical is set to songs all by the swedish band, abba. and yes, people dance in the aisles at the end.
rush: $31.50 student rush.
standing room: $21.25

anything goes
sutton foster who is the lead, totally made the show. she was absolutely perfect for the role. the musical is set to songs all by cole porter. i think my favorite number was “you’re the top.” the story is about people leaving from new york on a boat traveling to england. it’s a love story, multiple love stories, and also has some scandal and fun.
rush: $30 general rush.

what i keep telling people is i would see this again if only for the set. the set is AMAZING. completely fascinated me and blew my mind. again: the set was amazing.
the story line was… well… a comic book plot so be expecting that. i thought spiderman/peter parker was really talented as well as the green goblin. i enjoyed the music, there were tons of songs- but a heads up, i think it helps to like bono and the edge (u2) to like the music. and it turns out there are 10 spidermans. one guy does all the singing and a lot of the stunts, but there are 10 spidermans. this made me laugh.
p.s. bring your binoculars. the theater is the biggest on broadway (HUGE) and so unless you are front row, you most likely will want your binocs.
rush: $39 general rush, cash only.

how to succeed in business without really trying
daniel radcliffe is the lead role until January 1, 2012. daniel radcliffe did an incredible job! he can really sing and dance!
the story is about a young man who is climbing the corporate ladder in the 50s/60s. he does whatever he can to impress the management to make his way up the ladder. there is a love story or two. and john laroquette is the best comic relief i’ve seen in awhile. he plays the ceo and does a great job portraying the ultimate of stereotypes.
rush: $30 general rush.

well it won the tony for best musical! i was impressed with every performer in the show. it takes place in memphis (dur) in the 60s. the cute white boy (the lead) stirs things up by attending a night club that is frequented by black people, only. basically the lead boy gets on the radio and wants to help some of the locals get on the radio and get famous. there is a love story, hardship, racism. a really beautiful show.
rush: $26.50 student rush.

hugh jackman (until january 1, 2012)
i really just wanted an excuse to see hugh jackman in the flesh. when hugh first came out on stage, ben said, “he is an attractive man.” hugh (yes, we’re on a first name basis) just flirts with the audience, sings and dances his favorite songs and tells stories. it’s kind of like being on a date with him except it’s a one sided conversation.
standing room: $26.50.

well it's about women in jail. but the songs are incredible. the set is meh but maybe that is sort of the point. i love me a good scandal so i definitely enjoyed this one!
rush: $36.50 general rush.
standing room: $26.50

bonnie and clyde
it's violent, because it's about a couple of criminals (literally) but the leads in the show are so unbelievably talented. they both have a strong stage presence and incredible voices. we know a guy who has seen it (at least) six times and it just officially opened december 1st! it's really entertaining and fun.
rush: $31.50 general rush, cash only.

more info on rush and lottery here.

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