fashion swap meet (in honor of fashion week)

one of my favorite newsblog sites, jezebel, hosted a fashion swap meet at their office in soho last night. (they share their office with gawker, their parent newsblog site.)

i am lucky enough to know maria, who knows a writer at jezebel. so i was lucky enough to go.

what you do is bring at least one item of clothing you are over and don't want to wear anymore. i brought three. and then you get to rummage through all the other clothes and take whatever you want.
and there's booze and cheese! but i was really tempted by the HUGE jar of nutella in the office kitchen.

we hung around for a while because as more people showed up, more stuff came in. i did pretty well for myself, some button ups, a skirt and some jeans.

so that's pretty cool.

and whatever wasn't taken last night was donated to charity. that's cool too.

i like this swap meet idea. it's like thrift shopping but free? and kind of exciting because you feel like you're a part of something... exciting? (ha, i'm so eloquent.)

the pink vespa i spotted on my way to the swap meet. couldn't resist.
last photo is of me with my ladies: maria and mala. sadly, suzie is not photoed who did stop by for a bit.


kELLO! said...

i've always wanted to go to one of these! you'd think on a college campus there'd be more of them

Cassie said...

love this idea!

totally jealous :)

communikate. said...

i love the idea of giving and getting. i hope this is how it is in heaven.

laden backpack said...

This like it would be bummer for a guy, more something women would do, maybe. I will organize one in my city,
Maybe in vacant building. I used to ride a classic vespa
Like that. Mixed oil in the gas and It got about a hundred miles on the gallon. Nice post, thanks for the ideas, LB

carlotta said...

looove swap meets. free, fun, and you get some new clothes in the process. does it get any better?

shayna said...

Mals and Little P sitting in a tree...

EunnieProctor said...

What a great idea! Sounded like lots of fun.

Linds said...

i wish they had this for p. ladies. i would love to swap me some new clothes!