harlem :: a few scenes of our neighborhood

only in harlem can you get "soul food" and a "salad bar" all in one place. it makes me laugh every time.
and some manolo blahniks at the salvation army.

so far i have really loved living in harlem. harlem is rough around the edges but also a gem in so many ways.

i really love our apartment, so that helps a ton. it's our happy place. our sanctuary.

and very rarely have i gotten yelled at for being white... so that's been refreshing. mostly people are just trying to sell stuff on the streets.

the sidewalks are lined with people selling things like jewelery, cds (blaring loud music), ice cream, fruit and also selling musky-musk scents.
there are tons of buses that go by our apartment. lots of honking taxis and ambulances. there are about 3 hospitals in a 5-block radius from here.

and mount morris park is so close. it's great to see people out playing and sitting enjoying the soon-to-be autumn weather.

i like that harlem is a very unique spot in manhattan because it helps me appreciate it along with all various neighborhoods and nooks manhattan and nyc have.


communikate. said...

so tell me.. what's the deal with everyone one in their twenties/mormon living in harlem. i can think of at least five bloggers i know off the top of my head that live/or have lived there. is it cheap(er), bigger banger for your buck, or all the above?

shayna said...

I love seeing the scenes of your life. Now just send pictures of your apartment.

laden backpack said...

I agree with shayna, git er dun

Linds said...

i feel like i've been there.