international diana minis.

me with my cambodian elephant
bangkokthailandthailandhong kong

every time i get a new roll of film developed... i think... i really need to shoot more film.
i imagine i will once i have a little more cash flow. i look forward to that.

i look at these and the 5 week asia trip seems even more like a dream than it ever has. it's funny how hazy-grainy film photos make me feel that way.


Lauren said...

your diana shots came out so beautifully - reminds me i need to use mine more often!

dreamy indeed

shayna said...

Wait, did you just go to India? Or was this in the 70s?

ahlin said...

holy cow, these are awesome!

carla thorup said...

Your entire trip looks and sounds so amazing! I went back and looked at all the posts and lived vicariously thru you two. Fantastic!

Rhianne said...

these are beautiful! hazy-grain film is the way forward :)

Linds said...

i just sent my holga film to be developed. i can't wait. you're always so inspiring and encouraging when it comes to film/photography.