it's fairly certain...

it's fairly certain...

`sunday lunch will consist of black beans and quesadillas.

`we will visit trader joe's twice a week and wild olive market once a week (for those little things).

`i will invite people over to have an excuse to make gelato or something sugary.

`ben will want to take study breaks to new parts of the city we don't know that well, yet.

`food will be on my mind 87% of the time.

`we will hear sirens every 20-30 minutes.

`the bus that stops outside our apartment sounds like: a. someone has gas. b. my phone is vibrating. (gets me every time)

`the subway will take longer than i think (gets me every time, again).

` that no matter what, ben and i will love each other. this is certain (not just fairly certain). and cheesy but so true. truer each day.


shayna said...

Beans and breaks.

communikate. said...

It is fairly certain that you two of one of the raddest couples out there.

kELLO! said...

awww :)

so cool you live in nyc

Linds said...

it's certain that i love you. and you guys are the best reason to come to nyc.