it's september eleventh. ten years later.

security has been crazy around here in the new york city--- as it should be.
it's kind of amazing to me it's been 10 years since 9/11... because i am old enough to vividly remember where i was and what i was doing that day.

i was in 10th grade human biology. and the teacher turned on the news. and because of my lack on knowledge of nyc, i was panicked because my oldest sister, kristen was attending columbia university at the time (little did i know the wtc was downtown and columbia is uptown).
my sister kristen actually saw the second tower fall all the way from columbia.

where were you when it happened? when you heard?

i am grateful to be new york on this day, although ben and i will probably stick around uptown. go to church. and that's about it.
i am praying for those with lost love ones, for new yorkers, for all of us, for the united states.

*photo taken in manhattan's east village