our first date (six years later)

let's be honest: i sort of instantly fell for ben.

my friends/roommates wanted me to go this silly little mormon singles gathering [ward prayer] and i was super anti. but i went --- and then i met ben.
he was so confident, funny, tan, tall, attractive, intelligent, interesting--- and very much wanted by all the other women there. which very much detered me...

but lucky me, about three weeks later, after running into each other a few times, ben leaned over next to me while sitting on a couch at our friends' house and whispered,
"will you go on a date with me?!"

of course i said, yes.

that friday we went on a quadruple date to the pie (a pizza joint) in salt lake city, utah, about an hour from where we all lived and went to school.

we hit it off right away, really though, we did. we even held hands under the table at dinner so no one else would know.

we then went to the gateway shopping center to see a lazer light show (set to pink floyd music or something) at the planetarium. but somehow we missed it.

i think we kept trying to ditch our group--- so we went to starbucks and got caramel apple ciders (now called caramel apple spice)... and got lost in barnes and noble's poetry section.

and then we finally got back to our group.

it was my favorite first date ever--- where everything felt natural and the only nervousness and tummy twist i felt was because i was excited and so happy to be with big and beautiful ben. (that's what we called him--- big and beautiful, because he was. and is.)

and well, i love to celebrate our first date every year because i think it's important to relive those incredible first moments of our relationship--- to remember how it all began.

i asked ben if he had commentary on our first date:
"i had never felt that way about someone before- that strongly, so soon. umm i love you and you're very attractive.
you were amazing. and everything.
the more i learned about you, the more i was impressed."
(this is what i got out of him while he was studying.)

photo 1: on our first date `september 23, 2005` (in an elevator at the gateway shopping center in salt lake city, utah)
photo 2: on the 2nd anniversary of our first date, dating for the second time around (at the gateway again)


Rhianne said...

I love the photos of you, you both hardly look any different.

I can't remember the date of our first date, it must have been late october sometime but I'm not sure exactly lol. we went for coffee as well and a wonder around the city just chatting, it was great :)

hanner said...

i completely forgot about ward prayer. hahaha. what a WEIRD tradition! but a great way to meet big and beautiful men.

shayna said...

I don't know if I've ever know the little details of your first date. This was fun, thanks.

laden backpack said...

first dates as a rule are fun, but rules are always broken and sometimes first dates come straight from Hell. What seemed like a plausible situation from afar turns out to be, wow, when is this night gonna be over? I am so happy you a Ben had such a spine tingling first date. I know what it's like and it is always fun to review those out of this world moments and the feelings that come with them. Happy first date. The pictures were really great.

Courtney said...

i like this...so sweet.

stone and my first date was a real doozy!

EunnieProctor said...

[I loved reading about your first date. You guys were cute then and still cute today!

sienna said...

i totally forgot about the "big and beautiful" nickname. this brought back a whole flood of memories of that night and of that time in our lives. i reminded tony of the anniversary of our first date last week and he was like "oh yeah, when we went to the Pie" and I was like "technically, that was our second date" but I guess it was a memorable night for everyone.

oh yeah, and i'm glad Ben asked you out and you said yes! you guys are the cutest.

communikate. said...

that is a GREAT first date! i love you have photos to document too (that means you guys were big time. most of my first dates were me thinking "ugh. get away from me by ten o'clock.")

kELLO! said...

AH! you held hands under the table- SO CUTE!!!!
i love you guys.

Linds said...

i love this. secret hand holding is the best.

thanks for being such a great couple.