recent restaurant reviews

dinosaur bbq
i am not a huge american bbq fan, but ben is. i'm mostly just a fan of really good food. so we braved the long wait at dinosaur (two hours on a weekend night). we learned later we could have made a reservation online (open table). next time.
instead we hovered over people near the bar/high tables area, which are first come, first served. we waited more like 30 minutes. worth it.
dinosaur bbq is also situated right near the hudson river, riverside park and columbia university so it's ideal for a pre and/or post-dinner walk.
what we got (shared everything and it was plenty):
3 honey bbq wings
pork and brisket plate (comes with 2 sides), with mac and cheese and spiced sweet potatoes. all dishes come with cornbread (mmm).

i thought every single thing was delicious (and like i said, i'm not a huge bbq girl). i especially loved the mac and cheese and the honey bbq wings.

we got out of there paying $25 total for the two of us. including tip.

sylvia's is famous for soul food; sylvia is apparently the queen of soul food. we got excited to try it because it's in our neighborhood and it's where we ate to celebrate our lease signing for our first manhattan apartment. yippee!
what we got (we shared a plate because they are HUGE):
bar-b-que ribs and fried chicken combo (with two sides), mac and cheese and candied yams.
i don't like fried chicken. but this fried chicken is amazing! i especially loved the sides. it's a must-try to experience harlem and soul food in general.
since then we've tried these sides: collard greens and black eyed peas. both very good!
it was definitely plenty for the two of us. our server (nicest server ever) even said, there was no way we could have eaten two of those plates anyway. hehehe.

we paid $26 total (for two, including tip).

fun fact: harlem mormons used to meet on sundays for church at sylvia's (because sylvia's let them use one of their back rooms). luckily for ben and i, we now meet just a couple blocks away from sylvia's at a nice, new church building at 128th and lenox ave.

other short reviews from when our friends were visiting:
shake shack
shake shack has many locations. in new york city and now miami, dc, dubai, etc. ha. my favorite nyc locations are 8th ave and 44th and the original, in madison square park (in between 5th ave and madison ave on 23rd). the shack in madison square park almost always has a long line. the 8th ave location doesn't have a super long line, but it's smart to split up your party and have one person hover for a table.
what we get:
ben- the shack stack (a burger with a fried portabello mushroom on it) $8.50
me- cheeseburger, single patty (really good) $4
french fries to share $2.65
concretes: at 8th ave, great white way(!!!) or jelly's last donut. at madison square park, hopscotch or concrete jungle (all $6)

one nice thing about shake shack is if you're just going for a concrete or ice cream, there is a separate, much shorter, line for that.

pomodoro pizza
pomodoro in soho is one of the very best slices in town. all over nyc you can get a slice of pizza for $4 or less. it's best to do it right. so if you've been shopping all day in soho and need to rest your feet and refuel--- stop at pomodoro.
what we get:
the vodka slice, white slice (cheese) and bbq chicken slice are all exceptional. and all $3.50 and under. note that nyc pizza slices are really big. so they fill you up.

pepe rosso
an amazing, tiny italian joint just barely in soho. must have the penne vodka with pancetta (italian bacon). the restaurant itself is teeny tiny and popular, so you may consider getting your food to-go.
what we get:
ben and i get the penne ($8.95) and then a salad or panino and share.
the mixed organic greens with fresh tomato is great, $4.95. and pretty much any panino is to die for ($6.96-$8.95).

ny komtang (korean bbq):
for me, korean bbq is a koreatown, nyc must. ny komtang has proven to be our favorite (32 w 32nd street). you get a facial while the meat cooks because it cooks right in front of you. it's all part of the experience.
what we get:
for two, only get the bulgogi (korean beef). then you get a bunch of side dishes, like little salads and kimchi and unidentifiable foods. and it's only about $25-$30 for two.

levain bakery:
the best cookies in the world. the original is on the upper west side at 74th and amsterdam. there is also a location in harlem (among others). the cookies are HUGE.
what we get:
all the cookies are amazing, really (four options, all about $4). but i really only get the dark chocolate peanut butter chip. also, in the morning, there are baguettes with butter and jam sold. so delicious, do try one.

the doughnut plant:
the doughnut plant has two locations (lower east side and chelsea). if you want the most authentic experience, take the trek to the lower east side. or for the fancypants experience, try chelsea. same doughnuts are sold at both.
what we get:
carrot cake (with creme cheese filling), coconut glaze (with coconut cream filling), pistachio--- all about $3 each.

note: we almost always order tap water to drink when we eat out. it saves a lot of money.


kELLO! said...

i don't like bbq or fried chicken either! and both are some of james' favorites. poor boy. he likes his man dates so he can get those things :)
sounds like you're settling in quite nicely! just let me know when you're ready for company- ahem- the roeds. then we'll come and and we can sit and read eachothers blogs/facebook/twitter/etc for conversation :)

Nicole Marie said...

obviously i want to go to shake shack. gosh all that food sounds so good!

communikate. said...

yep, we waited a good hour and half at the madison square shake shack. i'd do it all over again.

speaking of them expanding, sometimes my heart dies a little inside when restaurants do that. i like the novelty of going to the certain city for that particular restaurant/establishment. it keeps it special you know?

Linds said...

i just drooled all over myself. today i'm craving a little pepe rosso and levain. oh yum!