recent scenes of nyc

baby on my back
friends and ben in times square at night
backhoe in times square?
just some balloons on the subway.
walking the high line

baby on my back: during the visit of linnyrandydonovan, i wore baby donovan on my back two different times in the city. it was exciting, nerve-racking and good practice for when we have a baby in approximately 45 years.

times square at night: it was randy and donovan's first time to nyc. so we visited times square at night on their first night. it was at night. on their first night.

backhoe in times square? ?? ???

balloons on the subway: impressive.

walking the high line: in chelsea. an elevated walkway for lovely walks and peace of mind. so pretty. i look forward to cool-crisp-air-autumn walks on the high line before or after visits to chelsea market.


sienna said...

you're going to be such a cute 70 year old mama. i can't wait!

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Haha, I love that picture of the balloons in the subway! Too funny.

Linds said...

thankyouthankyou again for carrying the little guy. he loves you.