thailand in 5 minutes and 2 seconds

music is joseph arthur's "honey and the moon"

wow, wow, wow. i loved thailand so much. and the videos i've made from the trip (others here and here) have really brought it all together for me.

every once in a while, i ask ben, "remember that time we were traveling in asia?" and we both either cringe a little or get nostalgic. or both.

---now that it's september and we are settled into our new home and we don't have travel plans until november (gasp!)...
our five week asia trip seems like it was years ago.

and although we would never do the same exact trip over again (lesson learned), we would do something similar.
'cause we're crazy like that.

but for now... it will just be that trip we took that one summer.


laden backpack said...

Didn't realize some of those places were in Thailand. Amazing. The undersea shots were crazy with all of the different sizes, shapes and colors of fish. It appears there are as many fish as there are people in Thailand. The water looks warm and yummy, neither of you seemed to flinch or shiver or even have goose bumps. What a place, fun video.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

SO COOL :) loved this.

EunnieProctor said...

So beautiful! I really want to visit Thailand someday..

Rhianne said...

I love your videos and I love(!) how happy you both look in this one :)