treasure & bond (nordstrom's nyc charity store)

i got to visit treasure & bond on tuesday.

i heard a while back nordstrom was opening a store in manhattan (there is a nordstrom rack but not an actual nordstrom store)... but under a sort of alias name. and i got excited. so when i arrived here about a month ago, i googled, nordstrom store in manhattan and treasure & bond came up.

treasure & bond is a fun, quaint little store in the soho/canal (west side- at west broadway between broome and grand) area of manhattan. it's a wide open-warehouse type space that is super simple, selling:
housewares, accessories, trinkets and clothing. the clothing section is small and simple but i have a lot of respect for the people who are selling their things there (like liberty of london and james perse) because,

it's all for charity. all of treasure & bond's profits go to charity. and not just charity, but new york city charities for children. r-a-d. rad.

so basically, i just wanted to buy stuff. because it's for charity, right?

a little more about treasure & bond (if you're interested):
t&b is nordstrom's way to introduce themselves to manhattan. "they want to open a store in manhattan someday and to learn as much as possible about serving new yorkers. ...they decided to give 100% of the profits to new yorkers as a way to do good and give back long before they ever open a store here."

also something neat-o:
"one thing you may notice in our store is how simple we have kept the space. nearly all our fixtures are recycled, reclaimed or repurposed from our parent company [nordstrom]. our packaging materials for gifts and shipped items will be made from shredded nordstrom catalogs."

(from the t&b factoid pamphlet)


communikate. said...

whoa.. no nordys in new york? weird. i just figured they'd go hand and hand.

i want to experience new york again with you! someday?

laden backpack said...

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Rhianne said...

it looks great! Are charity shops not common over there? we have lots here, I love buying something knowing that it will help in the future

Linda M. said...

I love that you are in the middle of love. Perfect.

kELLO! said...

i like that you put in instagrams that i don't see on instagram :)
you're so cool.
do you have a job there?