a trip back to india, without leaving manhattan

i am like always nagging ben to do stuff. hehe just kidding. we equally love getting out and adventuring. it's just harder for him to pull away since he has nagging law school on the brain.
if you've ever been in grad school- you know, there is NEVER a mental break. boo.

when one has a hankering for thums up (indian cola... tastes like a cola but with anise and incense and other goodness) and gulab jamun (an indian dessert, a little round honey cake)...
one must go to "curry hill" (aka murray hill) in manhattan.

even from a block away, we could smell curry. loud and clear.

on lexington ave between e 29th and e 28th, there are about eight indian markets.

i feel like i need to become an expert indian food chef. i will have to go back to curry hill and stock up on my curries and cardamom. mmm cardamom.
and thums up (pronounced tums oop)

the blue building on the corner reminded me of some of the colorful buildings in india. or rather the deep blue indian train cars.


shayna said...

I could smell the curry from reading this post.

sienna said...

looks yummy. next time you have more time, you'll have to hit up jackson heights in queens. tons of delicious indian buffets and fun shops with colorful saris, bollywood movies, etc.

kELLO! said...

fun! and your glasses!
what does ben's shirt say?
did you find a job yet?

Sharde said...

mmm totally jealous!
and i think his shirt says come on make some illinoise?

i think

anyways- i want to go get some indian food! in fremont CA where i live theres a huge indian population so all of the indian food around here is supposed to be amazing, i just havent gone to any of them since i've been here for like 3 months! now you gave me some inspiration!

sharde @ the style projects