a video of india

a video of india from emily blythe on Vimeo.

the kinks "this time tomrrow" and alexis weissenberg "claire de lune"

truth be told, once i finished compiling this video last week --- and watched it for the first time...
i burst into tears (surprised?)

india was so many things... so many emotions. i really believe there are many different indias and i think we saw at least two of them.

now that ben and i have been to india--- and we hear someone say they went to india and "loooooooved it"
we have to laugh a little because yes, you can loooove india, but it's a very complicated love and i think more people should be honest about it.

i, myself, loooove india, but i also hate it, like it (it's ok), am intrigued by it, am confused by it, am disgusted by it, et cetera

basically what i am saying is, wes andersen painted a lovely picture of india in the film the darjeeling limited but a lot of the real stuff was left out.
and that's just what a lot of people do. leave out the real stuff.

here's some of the real stuff.


communikate. said...

ben's face expressions are cracking me up.

india looks intense. i kind of feel a panic attack coming on just looking at all those people and traffic. however, it's beautiful. the taj mahal is something else right?

thanks for taking me along on your little adventure.

Brooke Shoko said...

can i say a few things?
i'm working on an around the world trip for next spring and investigated things on india today. your post makes me even more curious and excited. also, you should know that i think you are absolutely DARLING. a natural beauty at that. i love how much you and your husband have prioritized travel. i think that is why i have traveled so much at such a young age- i fear that my husband (futuristic) won't share that interest. and now i've said wayyyy to much. the bottom line: thanks.

Rhianne said...

oh Emily, it looks amazing, I think its the real stuff thats the best part of travelling, the things that you discover for yourself. I really wish we'd taken videos in Paris now...

p.s. I creid after we got back from Paris and we started looking through photos :)

Linds said...

i enjoyed this very mucho.