we sold our car.

hi, it's awkward to hug a car.

we (i) sold our car yesterday. which is very exciting because in the month we've lived here in new york, we've used the car once and that was to move things from our sublet to our new place. and since then, it's been used to move it... every couple days. for street cleaning.
one side of the street is monday/thursday street cleaning and the other side of the street is tuesday/friday. so you can see how moving the car and reparking it that often could become a real drag.

BUT. we loved that car. the car was originally ben's. and then we got married, sold my car and took ben's nicer, newer car to dc with us.
and now in nyc, there isn't need for a car. it's more hassle and expense than it is worth it to keep it lying around.

the moral of the story is:
yesterday i felt like i was giving away (or selling, rather) a member of our family. that car took us lots of amazing places, including on our first date.

yes, i still get sentimental over inanimate things, but that's just who i am.

goodbye, car.

*photos taken in dc.


shayna said...

Finally. I'm so happy for you.

Receli said...

I get really sentimental about inanimate things... Currently our car is red and green and soon to be blue as well... we are going to paint it in a few months when everything is replaced from our car accident... I thought, let's go tan, instead of green... but then I got sorta sad making such a change... aren't we funny?

sienna said...

it's definitely the end of an era. i sometimes wish we lived in a place where we could be carless. i compromise by doing all my car-errands on one day of the week and trying hard not to drive the rest of the week. it helps that tony takes the car to work most days.

laden backpack said...

Cars have souls and feelings. They take u the nicest
Places and give u freedom that is invigorating and
Boundless. No inanimate object could understand and
Give those things unless it had a soul.

Linds said...

i'm glad you don't have to move it every tuesday and thursday and everyother sunday . . . and i agree that cars have souls.

bubye vw.