what it's been like, so far (to live in the city)

it didn't feel like we actually lived here until we moved into our apartment.

but even then, our friends came to visit right after--- and so then i was in tourist mode. but somehow that helped me transition from tourist to resident.
i know the adjustment was very different for ben because the day after we arrived here to live, he started law school orientation (which really meant he started school because orientation was intensive and a little out of control, but hey. that's law school).

so far:
1/ it seems like a dream still. wait, i live here? it's strange. the yellow taxis and the nyc ambulance/fire truck siren sountrack remind me--- i live here.

2/ shopping and clothes are on my mind, all the time. it's a good thing i don't have a [real] job or else it would be a problem, shopping that is. i keep trying to convince myself that it would be ok if i just get this one little thing because i really need something else to wear to job interviews (because i've been wearing the same two outfits). but i know that once i start... it would be hard to stop.
instead, i've been trying to be creative and create some self control.

3/ i keep forgetting that when i grocery shop (at my beloved trader joe's on the upperwestside at 72 and broadway), i still have to subway home a few stops and carry those groceries. just about lost my arms today as a result of buying too many groceries.

4/ glee was not that awesome last night (but i do look forward to seeing idina menzel on the show again). new girl was funny and i'm willing to see what's next but i wasn't head over heels just yet. modern family was also funny but, meh.

5/ ben studies a lot and i make extravagant meals (and he does dishes or grabs things from up high for me while i'm cooking).

6/ when i go out for job interviews i wear heels to get myself used to wearing them for extensive periods. so far i've regretted it just once (that was today, with the truck loads of groceries. raarrr).

7/ i love the city, i do. i get excited about little things like walking around midtown and pretending like i'm not a newcomer to the city. i walk fast and glare at tourists just because i'm so cool like that.

p.s. it was my half birthday today.


Linda M. said...

Happy half birthday! I am so glad you were born!

Courtney said...

happy half birthday!

that is my least favorite thing about traveling...feeling like a tourist.

Rhianne said...

happy half birthday.

I felt the same when living in London actually, though I dont think it ever really sunk in and the year went so far and then we were gone...

I don't miss the grocery shopping in London though, I can definitely say that :)

shayna said...

You never want to lose being a tourist. You see things with such excitement and with new eyes. You are going to get the best arms.

kELLO! said...

hahaa i love that you admit to glaring at the tourists. i try to do that when I AM the tourist. and i totally do that whole keep your head down and walk fast thing. like i know where i'm going and gotta be somewhere. i would be so scared to live in a big city! i'm such a scaredy cat and in my nice little comfort zone here in the midwest. i get really nervous and for some reason really embarrassed in big cities. i feel like people know i don't belong. haha

laden backpack said...

I only glare at tourists abroad because they represent the United States of America to the world. We they are home our love affair with freedom gives us the tolerance to
put up with them here, they are just
part of our great land. Sometimes on the streets of other countries I have
almost wanted to deny my citizenship in light of the indecent behavior of
"american" tourists. I agree with that
Shayna, woman, though about always being a tourists. Its like always
be a kid, you never lose sight of
the newness of life.

EunnieProctor said...

Wow, high heels and carrying groceries. You will have some very nice arms.

Linds said...

you're hot.