autumn teaser trailer

autumn in new york has been a little tease lately. it was rainy and autumny, then warm and sunny... and i am hoping this week autumn will be here to stay.

i've been gathering up pumpkin cookie recipes, anticipating more pumpkin cheesecake (for thanksgiving?) and looking forward to all kinds of squash dinners.
ben is pretty luke-warm about squash most of the time, but i'm sure i'm going to get him to LOVE it this year. i just know it.

there is also something to be said about cardigans, blazers and lightweight scarfs. oh fall.

is it autumn where you are?

p.s. without fail, there is a huge snowstorm in northern utah in october every year. it makes me laugh every time. (sorry utahans)
p.p.s. polaroid taken in october of 2009 in vermont... at the most picturesque and ideal farmers' market on the planet (no foolin').


communikate. said...

yes, we're just on the brink here in portland. the tops of the bigger trees are turning red, and it makes heart swell with joy.

Emily said...

no snow yet!

Courtney said...

it was 85 and sunny this past weekend in Indy...so no, it is not quite autumn here yet...weird.

it didn't stop me from baking pumpkin whoopie pies over the weekend with my new pumpkin whoopie pie trays from C&B!!!

shayna said...

Oh great. I can't focus on anything else besides pumpkin cheescake.

shayna said...

Please excuse the typo on cheesecake. I apparently was focusing too much on dreaming about eating it, that I didn't pay attention to how it was spelled.

Nicole Marie said...

that's how it's been here too! all week was raining then the weekend was warm and sunny and now raining again!

Lauren said...

I have just been staring at that polaroid for like 5 minutes now. So beautiful and perfectly composed!

Linds said...

we've had snow. :(