the brooklyn bridge

on friday, we (me, ben, linda, dave) took the subway to brooklyn and then walked back to manhattan across the brooklyn bridge.

the brooklyn bridge is always magical. and especially fun with loved ones (ben's parents) who experience walking it for the first time.

i loved what joanna at a cup of jo said: "The iconic Brooklyn Bridge takes my breath away every time I step onto it. You'll adore the skyline views of Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as sparkling water, sailboats and the sunset."

and it's true. i get excited to walk across the brooklyn bridge. every time.

i also try to ignore the throngs of people who also seem to walk the bridge whenever i do. hehe.


communikate. said...

i think walking across the bridge and going to grimaldi's was one of my favorite new york moments.

lucky you can go whenever you please. :)

Amy said...

That photo of Ben is hot! We used to call Dan Handsome Dan, but I think we need to start calling Ben Dashing Ben.

How fun to have the Mags out for the weekend!

laden backpack said...

Love that bridge. There's a dynamite pizza
Place on one end under the bridge that serves
A greasy wonder that is to die for.
Nicety see Linda and Dave...beautiful day in NYC.

EunnieProctor said...

Love the photos you took of the bridge. You are becoming quite the photographer;)

Cassie said...

love these little tours you're giving. love to travel through your blog ;)

Linds said...

i love family. and this bridge.