the bully project

subject matter is not happy or positive, but very real. and needs changing.

i'm not sure if the city of saint george, utah is still running this ridiculous program... but when i was in sixth grade, st george had schools only for sixth graders. somehow, whoever "they" were decided this sixth grade center would help sixth graders transition better into middle school. but for me, the sixth grade center was hell.

not only was it a time for a lot of change, where my body was doing strange things due to puberty, but i somehow chose a group of friends who bullied me on a frequent basis.

i was told i was annoying and my friends hated me. comments like these were made everyday.
being as the school was so small, there was little room for making other friends or resorting to other groups of people.

i would call my mom many days out of the week to come get me from school because i felt "sick."

i think my mom caught on (ha, of course she did) and my parents and i decided i should change schools.

so i switched to a new sixth grade center. and let's be honest. the friends i made were not "good" friends. meaning they were not a good influence on me. but... they were FRIENDS.
such a paradox.

all and all we know i turned out ok, but

recently i was talking to a friend about a documentary (coming to theaters early next year) called the bully project.
bullying is a huge problem. yes, ok- we know that.
but raising awareness about it may help to lessen the problem. at least i hope so.
please check out the website and watch the documentary trailer.

i believe bullying starts small, in the home for example. bullying not only happens in schools (for me, in sixth grade, and now at twenty-five years old, i still remember), it happens at home (like i said), happens in the workplace, happens everywhere.

want to know the best part of my story? a year later when i was faced with the same people in middle school, the main culprit approached me laughingly and said, "we were so mean to you last year! haha. i'm so sorry! hehehe hahaha."
can you believe that?

let's stop bullying altogether, ok?

photo is of me when i was about 4 or 5.


lex said...

dear old st. george is still running that ridiculous program. now it's 6th and 7th grade, two years of torture. i too remember being bullied, all the way up till i graduated high school and got the heck out of there.

this documentary sounds great! already planning on seeing it. :)

communikate. said...

i'm sorry the sixth grade center was so miserable for you! i have to say it was a great experience for me. i had really good teachers, judd's, and i was in silverados. i felt like i had a great support system until seventh grade. now seventh grade was HELL for me. i was gawky. weird. and miserable.

my purgatory would be reliving middle school dances for the rest of my life.

great project!

pst.. weird to think you're my little brother's age.

Linda M. said...

6th, 7th and 8th grades. Could we just skip those somehow? Most children at those ages are not mature enough to empathize but are old enough to have the ability to really hurt others. And some of them do. Some of them never grow out of that. It makes me so sad.

laden backpack said...

I think this is a common school experience with
Varying degrees of uncommon effects on the victims. To this day I can still remember these distasteful experiences, sometimes the sheer horror of being around the bullys. I developed some verbal lines that were quick and cutting that I used in defense and once had the chance to "get
Even" and to this day, even though I realized revenge was not mine, I bask in some personal glory at having one at least one of the battles. This is a problem with natural men and it is unlikely that we will ever completely overcome it.
In the interim, though, we must do everything we can to mitigate it so uncommon harm does not come to innocent

Linds said...

I worry about my kids and their tender souls. I want to protect them from everything, especially bullying.

Lily said...

I don't know you but I think you're awesome! And I say boo to bullies; Down with bullies!

shayna said...

You're my favorite little sister ever. Do you know that?