the central perk

i love central park north. what i mean is, central park above 105th street to 110th street where the park ends.
not only is it beautiful -beyond beautiful- (with the harlem meer [lake] and discovery center building) but not many tourists venture up to the north end of the park.
not that there is anything wrong with tourists, but central park north is a little more... untouched.

and it feels like a little secret (not a secret anymore).

i like secrets in the city.

and i love how the water looks so solid green. it feels like i could skate across it.
but not really. that would be gross water to fall into.


C said...

It is nice to have a little quiet in such a big place.

Linds said...

you know you want get your swimsuit on and take a dip.

shayna said...

Park, park, park. We should go water skiing in that water, just to say we did.

Miss Bear said...

Love you and love your parentals!! Looks like a fabulous place. Even though it is not a secret anymore I want to visit that part of the park when I come see you! :)

kELLO! said...

so green!