more food and more faces [reviews]

on our stoopbest self-portrait ever? taken at alexander hamilton's home (newly reopened).

under the brooklyn bridge, in nyc's borough of brooklyn. it's perfect for the times you'd like to eat and then walk across the bridge or walk across the bridge and then eat. BUT the line is almost always an hour to two hours long (even in the winter months) so I recommend getting the pizza to go. you can sometimes call ahead or you can wait in the regular line and you will be called up for to-go.
what to get:
a large pizza is about $20. everyone must try just the regular margherita (mozz, tomato, basil).

lombardi's is on the soho/nolita/little italy border. it's one of my favorite areas of the city, mostly because i see a lot of vespas and celebrities (the vespas and celebs are not always found together). lombardi's is the oldest pizzeria in the u.s.a. (or at least claim to be).
what to get:
a large pizza is about $20.
and to be honest, i like lombardi's more than grimaldi's. and the wait isn't nearly as long.

katz's deli
for me, getting to the lower east side is a bit of a hassle. because from where ben and i live, you must transfer twice on the subway to get there. i am just spoiled like that--- so i'll get over it.
BUT we were planning to visit one my favorite museums, the tenement museum and the doughnut plant, both on the lower east side. and they are all within walking distance of each other. not to mention, essex street market with produce and food stands.
katz's has been around for quite sometime, is the famous deli from when harry met sally and is much better than the famous carnegie deli.
what we got:
the rueben. it is $16.55 but enough for two people- which comes with sauerkraut and cheese... i like cheese. you also get pickles with it. mmm, pickles. and i recommend getting some dr. brown's soda (black cherry or cream soda).

at essex street market on the lower east side (mentioned above).
what to get:
milk chocolate covered bacon "pig candy" for a few dollars. everyone has to try it once.

william greenberg desserts
wgd is an ideal place to visit when you are wandering on the uppereastside--- which usually means you are wandering through the metropolitan museum of art or the guggenheim or any of the other many many museums on museum mile (5th ave). wgd's location on madison avenue between 82nd and 83rd is essential for a museum break. there isn't any seating (except for a chair or two outside), but there are plenty of treats to choose from.
what to get:
i've only gotten the big black and white cookie and haven't felt the need to stray from that $3 cookie of wonder. it's more like eating the top of a moist cupcake (the best part) with the glaze-like black and white icing.

chez lucienne
i had to check and make sure we weren't in france (a couple times) while we were eating here. not only is the french food authentic and delicious, but there were at least two tables full of french-speaking people. and really, i was surprised we were in harlem, let alone new york city.
what we got:
french onion soup. and we went on monday and ordered off the promotional menu. we got steaks with the bearnaise sauce and pomme frites. not to mention, sauteed mushrooms that were to die for.
bonus: it's right here in harlem.
second bonus: monday night steak night (steaks are $12.95 each). thursday night seafood night.

we went to lombardi's, katz's and chez lucienne with ben's parents while they were visiting. all of which, ben and i had never tried! and they were all home-runs. that's what i love about nyc... a lot of home-run food. and great people to share it with.


communikate. said...

you have a stoop?! so cool. srsly so cool new york of you.

shayna said...

Someday when I'm an adult, I'm going to have a stoop.

Cassie said...

I'm terribly hungry. You have so many good options for eating!

Brooke Shoko said...

grimaldis is wonderful. do you ever come to salt lake city? if you do, you must eat at settebello. it is just as good (if not better) than the wonderful grimaldis.

kELLO! said...

you have your own stoop! i want a STOOP! it's fun to say STOOP!
and yes. best self portrait ever.

Linds said...

best self portrait ever.