my cute parents

as soon as ben and i planted our feet in new york, my parents said they were going to come visit. and so they did this last weekend.
it sure was a grand adventure tour-guiding my cute parents around the big city.

we've had a lot of great fun...
attending pay as you like museums
free friday night at the moma (thank you, target)

and my parents saw not 1 but 4 musicals. pretty sure my parents live for musicals.
---i'm glad ben and i got to see 2 of the 4 broadway shows with them. i must admit i sort of live for musicals, too.
(we got to see anything goes and spiderman. anything goes is so incredible for story and talent -sutton foster, the lead, is phenomenal-. and spiderman... well it's a comic book plot, obviously, but the set... the set?! amazing. uh-maze-ing. i also thought most of the actors were super talented and loved the bono and the edge -from u2- music.) i heart seeing shows.


laden backpack said...

Your mom is cute but your dad looks funny

Linds said...

your parents are lovely.

i remember them saying that they were coming in october. that seemed so far away! i can't believe it's almost halloween!