overheards in new york city

you hear a lot of funny things on the street here in new york city.

some are not to be repeated, but some are funny to most audiences and should be repeated...

a lady to her young son, near rockefeller plaza:
"you don't walk against traffic! it's new york city!!"

lady on her cell at the metropolitan museum of art (the met), clearly flustered:
"the moma IS the metropolitan museum of art!!"
ben and i under our breath:
"no, it isn't."
(the moma is the museum of modern art)

at the book of mormon musical lottery -this one is for the mormons out there:
"if we win we have to shout out, 'moroni!' because he's like the angel that brought the golden plates to joseph smith or something."
"i watched every episode of big love and i never heard about moroni!"

in line at a broadway theater box office:
a girl behind us was explaining to her friend that each broadway show has its own theater. and somehow her friend was surprised.


laden backpack said...

there is nothing to explain the crazy diversity of the city except that none of s are alike and individually
we do the most amazing and austere things. clear my vision.

Peggy said...

Don't you love the craziness that come from so many people from so many places all stirred together into one pot. The comedy shows don't have better lines.