red rooster

red rooster is one of the hottest restaurants in manhattan right now and it's in our neighborhood! it's super close to us so that's rad. rad rad rad.

it's soul food. which is appropriate for harlem- but it's like soul food fancy/swanky style.

we knew we had to get a table there--- because everything after 5:30 is booked until the end of the year (and i'm not kidding).
so as soon as there was something available for after 6:30 (i checked open table diligently)... we took it. even though it's been a busy week for both of us, we decided we just had to go.

and i'm glad we did. not only because ben's ny strip steak and my mac 'n' greens (macncheese with collard greens) were incredible and i'd totally go back right now to have seconds- but it was great because it was a date on tuesday night...
probably when we both needed it the most.

we talked about my work and ben's school and it was like we were on another shiny new date when everything is fresh and comfortable and all we care about is being together with a side of incredible dinner.

we had the apple caramel sundae for dessert--- apple sorbet, caramel and cinnamon cream. holy canoli--- it was amazing. i kind of want to get that dessert to go... every night? it was amazing. did i mention it was amazing?
and free (but that was because it took forever to come out and our server was nice and wise enough to comp it).

get the corn bread for an appetizer, mac 'n' greens or ny strip steak for entree and the apple caramel sundae for dessert.
it's a little more spendy that a lot of the whole-in-the-wall places we usually go to
we thought
we'd celebrate my job, ben's smarts
and celebrate

i love us. and harlem. and food. and new york city.

really though, i love it here.

p.s. read this article in the nytimes about how "fancy" red rooster is.


shayna said...

I want macaroni and cheese so bad. I want to eat macaroni and cheese with you so bad.

laden backpack said...

I have Mac and cheese once a year in the back country. I dare say after ten to twelve hours of hiking with a pack that Mac and cheese cooked on a back packing stove is the best in the world. Eat your heart out, Red Rooster.

Linds said...

You deserve a date night any night of the week!