the view from the top [the top of 30 rock]


the views from the top of rockefeller are definitely my favorite. i like being on top of the rock more than the top of the empire state building. perhaps because of the rock's close proximity to central park. we were even able to "spot" our apartment from way up high... or at least the clinton foundation building that is near (and dear?) to us.

i love a city from up high. especially this city. this cute little city i like to call my own. i'm going on two whole months living here, so i like so own this town.
(j/k, j/k)

p.s. we may have sneaked some of magnolia bakery's incredible banana pudding up to the top to enjoy it while we took in the view. i recommend it.


Brittany said...

Beautiful photos, as always.

Ben's parents are totally adorable. And I love his mother's glasses!

shayna said...

You look really great at the top.

communikate. said...

everyone told us to go on top of of the rock instead of the empire state building. i wish i would've listened. that line was ridiculous. ri.dic i tell you!

two months already?! whoa. time is flying by.

sienna said...

i love your blazer. great pictures of the view too! i've been to the top of the empire state a lot of times, but nerve to the top of 30 rock. next time.

hanner said...

remember how i used to see ben's dad in trunks at the dorm pools? oh, how i am laughing to myself right now.

kELLO! said...

did you see jimmy fallon? tina fey?
i haven't been to the top of either, so i'll know for when i come visit you that we'll go to the rock. am i so NY cause i said the rock? or no..