the house that was built in 1693

for thanksgiving, we stayed in a house in sandwich, cape cod that was built in 1693. and it was pretty amazing. there was something like seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. and then a bunch of other rooms so it was like we kept discovering new rooms.

i think i will fondly remember that house for our thanksgiving feast and the times i rocked at nerts and phase 10. i also did well at uno, meaning i got uno a lot.

it was a unique time together with the family since usual distractions (like being in utah) were not present.

i loved it. miss you guys.

plymouth and provincetown

during our time in massachusetts, we visited plymouth to see the plantation/museum that gives a recreation of the time when british people first settled in the u.s. and how native americans took to it. let's just say it wasn't a particularly happy time.

BUT i am happy that i have been able to grow up in this rad, diverse and interesting country because my ancestors made their way here from europe. (although, i do want to get back to europe at some point.)

we also saw the mayflower 2, a replica of the original boat, since it has gone missing. it was really neat to see but made me sort of really sick thinking of all those people in a confined space coming across the pond. our ancestors were not weak sauce!

((side note: did you know some native americans observe thanksgiving as a day of mourning?))

and one of my very favorite things was driving to the edge of the cape to provincetown. the quaintest of quaint towns. if i summered somewhere, i would summer there. i would open up a little gelato shop with ben and make friends with all the yuppy locals.
yep, it could happen.

p.s. in plymouth we had out first straight-from-shell lobster: an experience i recommend. unless you aren't into eating lobster.


sandwich, massachusetts [the cape]

"we love you ben"

ben has some ancestors who were on the mayflower- you know that boat that sailed from england to the now united states a while back? so thanksgiving in cape cod, very near to plymouth, seemed appropriate.
ben's parents did an amazing job planning and preparing so we could all have an enjoyable experience and learn all about our family that has come before.

sandwich, cape cod (where we stayed) is such a quaint town, it felt very foreign coming from new york city.

one of my favorite things was walking to the beach from the house we were staying in. even though it was cold- the sun was shining and i got to get out and move my legs. that's another thing- i have a deep love for walking now that i walk 5 times as much as i used to. it makes my body happy (walking that is).

there is this long board walk before you get to the beach in sandwich, that's what the marshy lands are.

i really want to go back in the summer when i don't have to bring my faux furry hat.

you can tell we all have our "cold smiles" on.


thanksgiving in cape cod (instagram style)

i was a faithful instagram user during our trip to cape cod over the thanksgiving holiday. we stayed with all of ben's family in an amazing house, built in 1693.

the cape, plymouth and boston are all really beautiful places that i recommend to all. even in november (but we did get lucky with nice weather).

more updates and non-iphone photos to come. hold me to it.


the one when katie visited ::

ben's sister, katie came to stay over the weekend.

so what did we do? ate several glutinous meals, shopped in soho and attended a broadway show. that's what you do in new york! at least that's what usually happens when people come to visit us.

and i like it. because people visit us, like, a lot. katie was our 11th visitor (we've only lived here since august...)

thanks so much for stopping by to see us. we appreciate the good times- and can't wait for some more, katie!

p.s. can't you just tell ben and katie are siblings? i always tell people i think they look so much alike.


pumpkin cheesecake.

if you are looking for a break from the normal (sometimes boring) pumpkin pie this holiday season--- consider this pumpkin cheesecake.
i admit it is laborious but the most worth it laborious treat EVER.

amazing. i promise.

and it's like, so new york (wink).


asia in film

more film shots from asia. dear, dear asia.

japan, south korea, china.


the end of day wind down

lately, when i get home from work, ben meets me at the door, we sit on our bed and we talk. about our day. about law school. about work. about us. about family.
and it's like somehow i am able to leave behind the things that bring me down a little or ail me.
because we cook dinner together and ben puts music on my iphone/ipod for me and plays that new coldplay song.

and it seems like...
it doesn't matter that i don't ---- ---- - --.
it doesn't matter that my disposable chinese slippers are totally falling apart and are way passed their prime (i can't seem to let go).
it doesn't matter i feel like i get NOTHING done during the week.
it doesn't matter i am tired all. the. time.
it doesn't matter that i am never sure if our landlady hates us or loves us.
it doesn't matter that there are things in life we just can't control.

and that's because i have my best friend to comfort me. assure me that things will be ok. understand me when i am sad and can't explain myself.
i could go on forever.

it's cheesy and borderline cliché... but ben really keeps me going. and motivates me. and helps me to be more positive and to be more proactive and involved in my own life. and in his life of course.
and in our lives.

i sort of love this photo of ben and i. just a typical night at the emilyben home.


more [diana mini] nyc

more film from the little toy camera, diana. sometimes she's my best friend. especially when a roll of film comes out so well.

photos are
on the high line
in harlem
central park north
convent avenue house (as made famous by the film the royal tenenbaums)

some of new york on film (35 mm)

the first six are taken in the east village (my current favorite nyc neighborhood).
and the last two are harlem. my dear, sweet, rough-around-the-edges harlem.

film is funny. and the technology of film will forever baffle me much more than digital photos. isn't that interesting? i just think the act of an image appearing on film and through a chemical process, you get that photo developed...
whereas digital is like, dur--- it's just an image through an electronic process (that i am totally used to and understand much more easily).

those are my harebrained thoughts on film.

more to come.