2 cute 2 be 4 gotten

why yes, i am wearing football pads under my coat.

bybes decided to share her photos with me from the other weekend when she was visiting. thanks pretty lady.
i just knew i had to post these because they are
2 cute
2 be
4 gotten

looooove ya

p.s. see those cotton balls in the corner of the last photo? them are snowflakes.


shayna said...

You never know when you're going to need those football pads. Emilys together make for twice the fun.

Emily said...

amen shayna, amen.

Also, proc, I'm so glad you noticed the snowflakes, I was loving that part of the photo! :)

laden backpack said...

I am blown away by the snow flakes in the last picture assuming you are read from the top of the blog down. They almost look like popcorn floating in the sky with a perspection of depth that I have not seen before. I am inspired, first snow storm I am going to be out there at
Dark taking pictures of flakes. I was going launch off on a treatise about flakes but lets leave it with the amazing snow flakephoto

Linds said...

those popcorn balls are adorable. so are the two emilies. heeehe