autumn in new york.

if i hadn't decided to gather leaves in mt morris park today- just down the street from us in our lovely harlem neighborhood,

i may have missed out on autumn in new york.

i miss a lot that happens during weekday light hours because i work through all of them--- now that it is dark at 4pm and feels like midnight at 6pm.

so i am proud to announce it's autumn in new york. crisp air. puffy coats on rolly-polly children. multicolored leaves, ideal for gathering. pumpkin and apple recipes going through my head. cold noses.
but not too cold.


communikate. said...

happy fall! it all looks beautiful!

laden backpack said...

I love it when you talk about it getting dark at 4 and then having it
feel like midnight at 6. Ugh! If winter came with summer light which is
impossible because light is heat at some point, it would much easier to tolerate. The slanting light of fall
makes the bright colors of autumn even more intense so it is a happy time in new york and even in the desert. love the post

shayna said...

Oh I just felt romantic reading your post.

sienna said...

it's 6 here right now and pitch black outside. glad you got out to enjoy all the beautiful colors.

kELLO! said...

ugh the midnight 6pm thing is so true. and really depressing. same here in the midwest. but it'll be better when i have a baby to distract me from the weather :)

Linds said...

isn't that the title of a movie? i never knew you were in a movie! super cool :)