double emilys

moma free friday night
world trade center memorial at night
haveli indian food
big gay ice cream

early morning
line for rush tickets to memphis
starbucks to warm up
staten island ferry (to see statue of liberty for freeeee)
snow/rain/slush/crazy storm
pomodoro for lunch (a new york sliiice)
shopping in soho (uniqlo, madewell, topshop, uniqlo, muji)
dinner at shake shack (theater district)
memphis on broadway (box seats) - amazing

slept in
levain bakery
sat and chatted in central park - post storm
zara... uniqlo... (did you ever decide on a coat, bybes?)
east village for a little consignment and flea shopping
westville east for late late lunch
back home to pack...
took bybes to E train to get to the airport (sad face)

need i say more?


laden backpack said...

Leaving NYC is always sad because you don't
Go there to be sad, you go there to have a god time
And see friends and family. What a happy place NYC

laden backpack said...

Oops mis spelled good and swore up a storm in happy new York comment. Sorry about that

Linds said...

i very much think that you are the best tour guide in the whole new york city. reading your list gave me some incredible flashbacks.

p.s. i think bedtime is the hardest that first night. you want to sit and chat for forever!

Linda M. said...

I thought the 9/11 memorial was beautiful by day, but it is STUNNING at night. Once again, you took a fabulous photo. Thanks for sharing.

The Proctor Group said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend! What's it like to sleep in? Just asking..

Punctuation Mark said...

that memorial is amazing... haven't been to NY this year and your photos are really making me want to go

shayna said...

I love that food picture. I must be hungry.