the end of day wind down

lately, when i get home from work, ben meets me at the door, we sit on our bed and we talk. about our day. about law school. about work. about us. about family.
and it's like somehow i am able to leave behind the things that bring me down a little or ail me.
because we cook dinner together and ben puts music on my iphone/ipod for me and plays that new coldplay song.

and it seems like...
it doesn't matter that i don't ---- ---- - --.
it doesn't matter that my disposable chinese slippers are totally falling apart and are way passed their prime (i can't seem to let go).
it doesn't matter i feel like i get NOTHING done during the week.
it doesn't matter i am tired all. the. time.
it doesn't matter that i am never sure if our landlady hates us or loves us.
it doesn't matter that there are things in life we just can't control.

and that's because i have my best friend to comfort me. assure me that things will be ok. understand me when i am sad and can't explain myself.
i could go on forever.

it's cheesy and borderline cliché... but ben really keeps me going. and motivates me. and helps me to be more positive and to be more proactive and involved in my own life. and in his life of course.
and in our lives.

i sort of love this photo of ben and i. just a typical night at the emilyben home.


Cassie said...

Good partners are a blessing for sure.

(On another note entirely, I'm thinking I need to lend you some of our family's gazillion coats to fill up your closet there ;)

shayna said...

I liked this post. Really nice. But your tongue looks a little fake.

shayna said...

P.S. do you want to borrow any of my coats? seriously

Ro Ro Riot said...

Your apartment looks pretty spacious, but maybe that's a trick of the camera. I wish we could hang out with you guys on one of your typical evenings. We need to catch up one of these days.

EunnieProctor said...

Shayna you kill me;) Your closet is looking rather empty and your tongue does look fake but I'm glad you have such a great friend to talk to at the end of the day.

kELLO! said...

this post makes me smile.
hope things turn around for you- especially since it's going into winter and who likes winter?
sending good vibes to the big apple!

Linds said...

We have two closets full of coats. Van has his own rack of coats. I know you guys have some exceptionally stylish coats and youre just keeping your closet free for when I visit ;)

Also I think Ben is your perfect match. I love how you always put each other first. Thanks for being the best Bemily I know!

Sarah said...

I love this Emily. Cheesy or not, it's beautiful. It's great to be married to your best friend isn't it?