front row seat to nyc marathon

lucky us the new york city marathon 2011 (today) came right down our street.

so we watched all morning (ben bolted out of bed this morning to watch as i staggered into the living room).
and ate pumpkin pancakes while the running heros strode on by.
and then we watched up close on our walk to church.

it was all very exciting.
and now i don't mind so much we live on a busy street!


EunnieProctor said...

That's pretty cool! Where are you "You're the SH*T" signs?

laden backpack said...

I gues they haven't figured out how ro spell
Sh*t yet. It is spelled "schiz". People fly from all over the
World to see what you saw today. Great news.

Linds said...

I vote you run next year ;)

Daniel said...

An excellent day that ended excellently, in my most humble opinion. Next year we should all run it!

shayna said...

But you really are the sh*t.

kELLO! said...

fun! i like that picture of you guys.
did you see the people getting married?
or my friend matt?