the one when katie visited ::

ben's sister, katie came to stay over the weekend.

so what did we do? ate several glutinous meals, shopped in soho and attended a broadway show. that's what you do in new york! at least that's what usually happens when people come to visit us.

and i like it. because people visit us, like, a lot. katie was our 11th visitor (we've only lived here since august...)

thanks so much for stopping by to see us. we appreciate the good times- and can't wait for some more, katie!

p.s. can't you just tell ben and katie are siblings? i always tell people i think they look so much alike.


laden backpack said...

Wow, all of these visitors, this is
crazy. It is so nice to see Katie and you guys together, she really does look like Ben's sister. Hope the visit was first class, we missed a report of the play, which one was it?

Courtney said...

totally look alike...same chin!

Brittany said...

They really do! I totally assumed she was Ben's sister before I read what you wrote. I love when visitors come because it almost turns real life into a little vacation for you too. Your weekends sounds like a blast.

And hello, you look bomb in that lipstick.

kELLO! said...

they look SO much alike :)

i always wished i could gain a sister when i got married. but j is an only child :/ but i have 2 sisters-in-law. and they're nice :)

communikate. said...

totally related.

you guys looks great with your pretty lipstick!

(oh, and the love the friends referernce with your post title.)

Emily said...

I hope you got that lipstick cuz you look sexyfied. xo

Katie said...

I love New York with Ben and Emily! My favorite New York trip EVER! Thanks guys for all the fun. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Linds said...

Katie is always a good time. Plus NYC with you guys! That is a recipe for a grand time. Can't wait to hear about your holidays.

I'm thankful for a friend like you.

Rhianne said...

they really do look alike, I could tell who she was before you said :)

It looks like you had a great time!