plymouth and provincetown

during our time in massachusetts, we visited plymouth to see the plantation/museum that gives a recreation of the time when british people first settled in the u.s. and how native americans took to it. let's just say it wasn't a particularly happy time.

BUT i am happy that i have been able to grow up in this rad, diverse and interesting country because my ancestors made their way here from europe. (although, i do want to get back to europe at some point.)

we also saw the mayflower 2, a replica of the original boat, since it has gone missing. it was really neat to see but made me sort of really sick thinking of all those people in a confined space coming across the pond. our ancestors were not weak sauce!

((side note: did you know some native americans observe thanksgiving as a day of mourning?))

and one of my very favorite things was driving to the edge of the cape to provincetown. the quaintest of quaint towns. if i summered somewhere, i would summer there. i would open up a little gelato shop with ben and make friends with all the yuppy locals.
yep, it could happen.

p.s. in plymouth we had out first straight-from-shell lobster: an experience i recommend. unless you aren't into eating lobster.


shayna said...

There are a lot of people that observe Thanksgiving as a day of mourning. A lot of my friends in Vermont. Vermont!

Ro Ro Riot said...

I hope I never have to test myself to see if I'm weak sauce. I'm sure the test would come back positive.

laden backpack said...

I would welcomed the boat ride across
The pond. Thank goodness they had the
Courage and stamina to do it