sandwich, massachusetts [the cape]

"we love you ben"

ben has some ancestors who were on the mayflower- you know that boat that sailed from england to the now united states a while back? so thanksgiving in cape cod, very near to plymouth, seemed appropriate.
ben's parents did an amazing job planning and preparing so we could all have an enjoyable experience and learn all about our family that has come before.

sandwich, cape cod (where we stayed) is such a quaint town, it felt very foreign coming from new york city.

one of my favorite things was walking to the beach from the house we were staying in. even though it was cold- the sun was shining and i got to get out and move my legs. that's another thing- i have a deep love for walking now that i walk 5 times as much as i used to. it makes my body happy (walking that is).

there is this long board walk before you get to the beach in sandwich, that's what the marshy lands are.

i really want to go back in the summer when i don't have to bring my faux furry hat.

you can tell we all have our "cold smiles" on.


kELLO! said...

i think that first picture of you and ben is my new fave of yous guys.
i've always wanted to go to cape cod in the winter. or somewhere like that

Rhianne said...

I love the last photo and the cold smiles lol.

Cassie said...

summer beaches are nice, but there is something so great about the beach in other seasons, even when it's cold.

I'm glad you had a happy holiday!

Ro Ro Riot said...

It looks like the PERFECT setting for Thanksgiving.

shayna said...

Lying around eating sandwiches.

laden backpack said...

Fall and winter beaches always seem so stark, quiet and changed from the glorious light of summer. Even the partially frozen sand under your feet tells a different story than the sands of summer. There is in this change, though, a promise of another summer with warmth, laughing voices and what seems like endless days. Love the pics, had to put on my coat to look at them, though, I could fel the wind
Nipping at my face.

Linds said...

when i get cold my face freezes in the last face that i'm making. . . . so i have to be extra careful :)