some of new york on film (35 mm)

the first six are taken in the east village (my current favorite nyc neighborhood).
and the last two are harlem. my dear, sweet, rough-around-the-edges harlem.

film is funny. and the technology of film will forever baffle me much more than digital photos. isn't that interesting? i just think the act of an image appearing on film and through a chemical process, you get that photo developed...
whereas digital is like, dur--- it's just an image through an electronic process (that i am totally used to and understand much more easily).

those are my harebrained thoughts on film.

more to come.


ahlin said...

these photos are amazing! jealous of your skills.

kELLO! said...

film has always got me guessing, too. it's so cool.

did you develop these yourself?

shayna said...

I love your highlighted nose and chin.

Linds said...

i love the secret garden across from your apt.

laden backpack said...

some wild technological crazies going
on in these pictures. spots used to
drive me nuts but sometimes they lend
to the personality of the image. thanks for the post.