sunny sunday in the park

while my bybes* friend was visiting last weekend, we visited central park on the sunny sunday morning. the sunny sunday, just following the crazy rain/snow/slush/crazy weather saturday. we sat on a bench, watched people as they strolled, jogged, biked or sauntered on by and chatted about our loves, our roots and true friendship.

as much as i’ve loved living on the east coast for 3.5 years now--- one of the hardest things for me has been to make good, solid friendships.

and lucky for me, i have.

but like i said, it’s hard…. takes lots of time and effort. i like to refer to it as “dating for friends.”

(now that i am married, i no longer date men romantically -except ben of course- i date friends.)

so we talked about how we are so grateful we are friends. still friends. also still friends with our other favorite women from college. so when we are together there is no need for a back-story or no need for an apology when you accidentally toot or no need for justification when you overindulge in delicious food and treats.

and let it be known,

the best part was not the cookie or the setting

it was the friend.

*both our names are emily so we call each other renditions of our last names.


Courtney said...

I talk about this all the time with my close girlfriends. At some point we reached an age where making new friends is hard...it feels like being the new kid on the playground!

communikate. said...

Yes, the dating game. I'd say the friendship game is harder than the boys dating game. Especially when you try to shop for couple friends. It gets tricky fast.

That's why blogging is awesome. It's like match.com for friends.

Now, move to Portland will you (or better yet I'll move to NYC) and we can be buddies. :)

Emily said...

Well, now here I am all teared up (again). I'm pretty helpless against emotion when it comes to talking about things that are close to my heart. And you my dear, well, you will always be right in my heart. That was probably the best moment of the whole trip. I sure hope it happens again very, very soon. I kind of heart you lots and lots. XXXXXoooOO

sienna said...

I love just picking up where you left off.

Linds said...


i love my emilysquared.

The Proctor Group said...

It is hard to keep starting over again. We are kind of in the same boat here after our third move in a year. True friends are hard to come by these days. I'm glad we get to be sisters and friends. That is the best combo.