thanksgiving in cape cod (instagram style)

i was a faithful instagram user during our trip to cape cod over the thanksgiving holiday. we stayed with all of ben's family in an amazing house, built in 1693.

the cape, plymouth and boston are all really beautiful places that i recommend to all. even in november (but we did get lucky with nice weather).

more updates and non-iphone photos to come. hold me to it.


Meg said...

I was also on the Cape and how lucky were we with that weather?! :)

communikate. said...

Looks beautiful! I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, but I'm jealous of your close proximity to all great east coast cities! Lucky duck! :)

shayna said...

I'm just going to the Cape for Thanksgiving. ahummm hmm.

laden backpack said...

I am getting an iPhone if that
Is what you can do. Here I thought
You were in new York. That lobster
Looks big enough to be more than enough,
We are holding you to more pictures and

Linds said...

the cheeks on that babe are simply divine.