we are friends of the high line

bird house art installation.
the high line is an elevated park-walkway in manhattan. the high line was turned into a park from what once were elevated train tracks... and instead of the train tracks being torn down and turned into nothing- a few people got together and made it a park.

it's one of my favorite places in the city. a little haven.
many of nyc's parks are havens--- but an elevated haven? even better.

one of the co-founders, or "friends" of the high line once said, "people hold hands on the high line. you never see people holding hands in new york. but on the high line, you do."
i love that.

but i also love that ben and i hold hands not only on the high line
but everywhere else
in the city.


shayna said...

I want to hold your hand.

Emily said...

this was on my list! I've GOT to come back!!!

communikate. said...

man. so man rad things on that little big island.

Linds said...

i like being elevated.