caroline visits.

the majority of our walk route

friday 12/2
11pm caroline arrives
we get to the apartment and talk until 12:30am

saturday 12/3
wake up. take subway to theater district.
9:15-10am stand in line for bonnie and clyde broadway rush tickets.
walk from 45th and 8th ave to highline. through chelsea market. through chelsea to union square. (ate our lunch) to soho. (some shopping) through chinatown to lower east side. (doughnut... tenement museum) subway to theater district. dinner with ben. bonnie and clyde on broadway (oh the talent!). sleeeeep.

sunday 12/4
brunch with caroline, ben, fissin (caroline's cousin).
a bus ride in harlem.
a walk through harlem- including walking to the top of mt morris/marcus garvey park. the views were lovely!

thanks so much for coming caroline! i loved that we walked about 7 miles (literally) and talked and talked. about the important stuff.
caroline came up from dc- where we met and fell in love (friend love, dur :)) we had one of the best professors ever together so we (or i) like to say, "what would todd do?" todd was a hero and always will be.

so glad we rode the same metro train home after women's studies classes so we could become close forever.

i'm loving this constant flow of visitors :)


shayna said...

You two have such pretty faces.

laden backpack said...

Ok, there is nothing like visiting new York except a backpacking trip in the winds or in the Idaho backcountry.
Walking around New York is great...if you bLock out the
Scenes of the city and the buildings and just look at the
People it is a great experience. Keep the posts coming...
Nice to see that Caroline made it...last seen at graduation.

caroline said...

new york emily style is the best new york i know. loved it, every minute!

Linds said...

walking and talking = grand time in nyc