christmastime in the city.

occupy north pole (gingerbread)
gingerbread typewriter = best. ever.
trump and bergdorf
henri bendel (the jelly bean dress)
fun projection show on a building near rockefeller center
it was totally raining the night we went to see the shop windows and the gingerbread houses (at le parker meridien hotel).

but we had made the effort to get down there and so it was worth it just to look at the fun windows and the rockefeller tree.
i haven't been in new york in december before so it was magical.

even though it was raining and i got sort of mad at the end but that's only because the bus took forever to arrive.

and i like to be with ben. especially in crazy finals time. because it feels like i am stealing him away from his second love: law school. and i am.


Cassie said...

How lucky you are to witness NYC in all it's Christmas glory! I know that if I were ever to visit, I would choose to go during the holidays...there just seems to be something so magical about it.

laden backpack said...

The city is the epicenter of Christmas lights, decorations and design ideas. What a fun thing to be able to see these things and be stealing Ben away at the same time. Happy times in the city.

communikate. said...

Ever since Home Alone 2 came to theaters, I've been dying to see NYC at Christmas time.

I hope to make my ten year old dreams come true some day.

(and boo to the rain. i hate walking around in it.)

Miss Bear said...

I think that Christmas time in NY is probably the best!! I daydream about making it there one day. :)

Do you remember when downtown SLC had the gingerbread houses displayed? More cities should do that.

Jana said...

Your pictures make me want to visit New York, but only during the Holidays. It looks beautiful!

Linds said...

i want a dress made of jelly beans!

i was looking at these pictures with van. he pointed out: candy, horse aka zebra, flag, the deer, bubbles, trumpets and then smiled so big when you guys showed up. love.

Jennifer M. said...

Oh wow - I'm in love! I just adore tall buildings and city lights. :)

That uniqlo photo is amazing (the one with all the balls/snowflakes hanging from the the ceiling).