the kids made christmas

we were in saint george, utah for christmas this year. with my side of the fam. we have nine nieces and nephews on my side. yep, nine! ranging in age from 2 months to 7.5 years. i can say without hesitation i love all the kids so much- i look forward each time to getting to know their personalities better (all their personalities are all so distinctive). and there is a certain amount of learning that comes from having little kids around- i know much more so when the kids are yours, but for now i am grateful to learn important lessons with the little ones around.

lessons like:
share, eat your dinner before dessert, get sleep to be in a good mood, say sorry when you have wronged someone, hug and kiss your loved ones, get outside and enjoy the outdoors, say thank you often, when you gotta go you gotta go, play as often as you can, read books,
et cetera.

and i hope
to carry
these lessons with me
this next year.


Linds said...

Some things I learned from the Proctor littles ::

Make sure you get your panties back on, no matter how cute your bum.
Sometimes you get to go along for the ride, even if you 'dont like being excited.'
Asking for help is important and can get you the candy faster.

These guys are so stinking cute!

sienna said...

They are multiplying so fast ans getting so big too. You have a gorgeous family.

laden backpack said...

Kids are amazing and your pictures are
Cute!! Nice to have a quick person with
A camera around to get the great pics. Come
Again anytime.

shayna said...

I avoid having children because I know they will never be as cute as the ones we have already.

communikate. said...

Holy cow they're cute!

Peggy said...

Loved having you here. There's been an empty spot in my heart since you left.

Jennifer M. said...

How absolutely adorable!!!

kELLO! said...

i want to squeeze zoey.