more hershey weekend

more from our weekend in hershey, pa.

not only was it nice to just hang out together (finally, because ben finished finals last week)- we just sort of took it easy which we rarely do on vacation. and we got to learn about hershey's milk chocolate and how it's made. it's all sort of funny. especially when the world of chocolate tour says, "the milk in the chocolate makes it extra healthy for you!" ha.
well actually... it's the natural dark chocolate that is good for you but who cares! it's all delicious!

the peanut butter cup pie deserved its own photo because it was a peanut butter cup pie- with tiny peanut butter chips in the yummy pie. i'll go back to hershey for that. and the j.crew outlet.

what would you do for a j.crew outlet store? walk 3 miles, 1.5 of that uphill in the cold cold with cars zooming past (no sidewalks in hershey).

then there were the parts when we got to dress up a little for dinners with my coworkers.

and the part when we dressed festively and sort of matching (not on purpose) and posed in front of the menorah and the christmas tree.


laden backpack said...

All of this sounds like class a fun
as well as a break from the break neck
speed of life. I think we should break
tradition and eat a whole bunch of chocolate and just let it melt in our
mouths and slide gently into billions
of fat calories in our bodies. Whoa, that sounds scary. Thanks for the post, looks like a good time was had by all.

Linds said...

I love how lovely you look. I would pretty much do anything for healthy chocolate ;)

sienna said...

ben in a bow tie! merry christmas!

whimsy said...

you two are the cutest! and my ancestors are the herseys!!! i love it. so fun!!

Cassie said...

chocolate AND dressing up? sounds like a lovely vacation!