the -more than- adventure finding a christmas tree in new york city

it's all started when we were on the lower east side for a thing.
and then the east village for a slice.
and then we saw a cute tree for $35 and ben said, we can do better.
turns out we couldn't. another place in the east village was charging $60 for the same tree.
then on the upper east side at 3 or 4 different places the prices went from $50-$65.

and then... well on our wearied walk home from the subway, i said "let's stop at the park to see if they have trees."

and of course they did. just a mere block from our apartment. a tree. for sale. for $30. (an amazing price, for a tree in manhattan--- now we know that.)

christmas trees bring a lot of holiday cheer. it is especially needed when one of us is in finals (ben). ben is a super smart guy. he has a lot in the brain of his. and... this is just my way of saying i am proud of him. and i think he'll do amazingly well on his first semester law school finals. fingers crossed. (ben's mom, who also attended law school said her mantra was, "this too shall pass and so will i." 'tis true, 'tis true.)

happy holidays. happy trees. happy holiday cheer. happy finals...

p.s. do you know how to get sap off your hands? rub some olive oil on the sappy parts- then wash well with soap and warm water. totally works.
p.p.s. gothamist newsblog does a tree vendor map every year. it's helpful --- although it doesn't include the blessed harlem location where we found our tree (mt morris/marcus garvey park at 124th and madison avenue). and keep in mind, sometimes vendors will bargain tree price with you.


Linda M. said...

Your tree is beautiful. I am thinking positive things for and about both of you. Prayers, too.

sienna said...

good luck ben! you can do it! beautiful christmas tree. we love ours, and bo especially likes showing it off to everyone new who comes over. he points out all the ornaments that he likes.

thanks for the tip about tree sap. good to know.

shayna said...

Yep, you're going to get through this and then it's going to be Christmas. Such a great reward for getting through a semester.

kELLO! said...

Good luck mr smarty pants Ben!!

Courtney said...

lovely tree! our tree is 1/4 of the way put up....all of our lights gave out this year!

laden backpack said...

Thinking about both of you, especially mr. Ben and the recapitulation that comes with taking tests and review the events of the semester. Find a tree in NYC looks almost
As fun as finding one in Cascade. Probably less of an arduous project not having to drag it through 4 feet of snow

Bridget said...

is that your sweet brick wall in that last photo??? i love brick in homes / apartments... especially nyc ones. even better.

Linds said...

what a fun christmas date-adventure!

i knew ben would do amazing! good on ya! and what a fun mantra.

Jennifer M. said...

It always amazes me how much other parts of the country charge for Christmas trees. We grow them here (in Oregon) so can easily get them for $5 to $20!