a secret restaurant :: hudson clearwater

hudson clearwater is a secret little restaurant in the west village. i love the west village. and i now i love hudson clearwater. even once you find the second green door, there is a small back garden that leads to the tiniest of restaurants -you can see we sat at the bar where the kitchen was. the kitchen!- and it is crowded as all get out because that word of mouth is spreading fast. make a reservation. (thanks jo for the recommendation.)
we sat in the only secluded corner in the restaurant, thankfully. so we just chatted, shared our food and stared as the chefs made the food like it was no big deal (it is).

the food is fancy (like butter clams and gnocchi or crispy duck or apple tarte tatin) but is not so expensive you gasp. in fact, it's very impressively priced (our entrees we around $20).

i loved everything about the place, even the tiny bathrooms (where you have to hold your breath to get through the door).

new york is made of tiny restaurants but a tiny, hidden restaurant in the west village?
on our walk back to the subway after dinner we dreamed of someday moving to the west village (where all the celebs and fancy people live)--- we'd probably have to live in a shoe box but we'd be near some of the best restaurants in the city. we'd be happy.
what could be better?


kELLO! said...

love your 'fit!
secret restaurants? how. cool.

Ro Ro Riot said...

I say follow your dreams. You could probably make a shoebox feel really nice and homey. :)

Daniel said...

I love that top photo. It makes me excited for the Christmas card you guys will cook up this year.

communikate. said...

secret restaurant?! boom! sounds rad.

pst.. you guys are both looking skinny minnies!

shayna said...

Are you going to move the whole west village? I love your posts about food, they make me only love you more.

Linds said...

i think i'm going to put secret in front of everything to spice it up!

you guys look super hot.