weekend in cute town, pa (hershey, pennsylvania)

(that last shot is nyc... our home)

over the weekend, my cute company hung out in hershey, pa. i am always up for discovering a new place, especially a place that is chocolate themed.

mini hershey's kisses pancakes
cocoa oil massage
cocoa bean soap
hot cocoa
chocolate crème brûlée
chocolate fountains
chocolate cannoli
the world of chocolate
the chocolate story museum
and my favorite - peanut butter cup pie (did you know hershey's owns reese's? best. ever.)

needless to say there was a lot of chocolate involved.

and i even got to take a nap. a nap! now that was nice.


communikate. said...

you had me at chocolate.

but seriously, this place looks awesome! hooray for little getaways!

Linds said...

You've just described my dream weekend! So glad you were able to enjoy it!

carla thorup said...

a whole trip surrounded by chocolate sounds like the best and worst trip ever! probably just the best though.

Caroline said...

Sounds so amazing!!!

laden backpack said...

How about Choclate crepes, or at at least
Crepes with mini kisses?