year in review.

what a year. maybe the "biggest" yet?

i am too lazy to do a whole bona fide - blogified year in review. ...is it laziness or just ironic creativity? i guess you'll never know!!

what have i learned this year?

grad school is hard. but rewarding and emotional.

presenting a paper at a conference is nerve wracking.
but then traveling in portugal, the canary islands and spain afterwards is worth it.

travel is my favorite thing- that is if it's with ben

asia. i learned that i don't blend in in asia! and that it's laborious to travel to places that my body is not acclimatized too. but, to spend that time with ben and to experience all that in five weeks. wow. just wow.
india, bali malaysia cambodia, thailand, hong kong china skorea japan.

law school is hard. but rewarding and emotional. and craziness.

living in new york city is out of control, incredible, humbling and just all around spaztastic.

dc is a totally undervalued city.
and i love it. just love it. and miss it. mucho.

our nyc harlem apartment ROCKS.

birthdays in our family are all about food.

fewer flowers make me happier than magnolia blossoms in dc.

cape cod is beautiful. even in november.

peanut butter cup pie
best. dessert. ever.

i lovevermont.

the most amazing food experience: the inn at little washington (virginia).

crying in public can be beautiful.

finding our first manhattan christmas tree could have been much easier than we made it out to be.


shayna said...

Vermont is happy to make your list. It called and told me it misses both of us.

Peggy said...

Remember how I love you even more than Vermont?