all the beautiful things

i didn't really write any goals or resolutions down this year, for 2012... but i have been thinking about what those things mean to me. i thought that instead of writing it all down, i would just mentally motivate myself to be better about certain things that i know i need to work on.

1. manage my time better. i work at the very least 9 hours a day- and so when i get home, i rarely have motivation for much of anything. the problem is, i always have so many things on my list. so i either get a ton done or nothing. i need a balance.
2. build good relationships.
3. learn to appreciate things- for their unique and special beauty.

beauty. and art. that's something i've been thinking of.
and what is related- is how i have finally gotten back into my nerdy routine- i am back to listening to podcasts (this american life, wait wait don't tell me, the moth)--- the moth is new to me (thanks, sister) and it's gotten me thinking a lot.

one of the latest moth podcasts was about a man who was sent by the nytimes to essentially find art in afghanistan. after arriving, many told him art and music did not exist in afghanistan, but he sought people out and found a whole group who performed music, and some who wrote poetry and those who created visual art. these people all gathered and the musicians played all through the night, they all shared food and this incredible experience of ART. art.

art has always been special to my family as well- my mother the painter and sculpture-ist and my father the photographer - from that, my whole family has grasped art in some way or another.

and really i've just been thinking that art surrounds me everywhere i go,

whether it was when we were in utah and ben said, "hey, we're in nature!!" and nature is just God's way of showing off his art, the varying landscapes, the red rock in southern utah and the way the wasatch mountains were formed so perfectly so snow could fall on them, and bens and emilys on wooden snowboards could glide down the mountains and soak in the ART.

or how ART is in everyone- how beautiful people are or can be. i am with so many people everyday and i am constantly fascinated with how people present themselves and how they appear to me. i interpret them just like i would a painting.
like a kaleidoscope, strange and fractured but quite beautiful.

and then there are new york city's buildings and parks that pop up every block or so. the park doesn't necessarily have grass, but always a place to sit and stare or just watch.

one of my favorite dates ever with ben was in the east village the other night, after a movie we got ice cream, sat outside and didn't look at people but their footwear. and just critiqued, interpreted, judged and laughed.

mostly this random string of thoughts is to express i am grateful for art. art in nature. art in people. art in everyday.
it's everywhere.

photo taken at the harlem studio museum.


shayna said...

This was really nice. I like your mind.

hanner said...

i LOVE the moth. and i also heard that episode when it aired a couple of months ago. so inspiring.

communikate. said...

Ooh.. I'm going to need to get in on the podcast listening. Sounds like a good thing (did I just quote Martha?)

And I love your words on art. I to love finding art everywhere. What a beautiful world God has created for us.

Linds said...

you transported me so many different places with your words. thank you for that.

laden backpack said...

Art is perspective on all that it represents and a window on perspective for the artist and the viewer. Good thoughts from NYC. Thanks.