blue monday

instagram makes me lazy about taking photos with my big camera. i need to be better. i will be better, i promise.

we had lunch at our cutest harlem cafe and saw my favorite neighbors who always seem to match and their twin babies also match. i heart that family.

celebrated a friend's birthday where she paid for brunch for nine people- and also gave out favors. at what age do we start giving gifts instead of receiving for our birthdays? clearly my friend is much more mature and giving than i :)

i worked today- the holiday. so my coworkers got to see my emo-bangs-grey-henley-lounge look. lucky them.

i am always learning from the 18-month-olds to 3-year-olds at church. like no matter what you look like, who you are, our parents in heaven love us and accept us. i like that.

ben is back in full swing at school. i am learning so much about the law.

it's the beginning of the 3-week restaurant week in nyc. very. excited.

i love who we in the u.s.a. observe today. martin luther king jr. an amazing man. thanks for all you did for civil rights, for our country, for our history---


shayna said...

I like your face.

Emily said...

Bangs is hawt. LOVE the wall garden pouch. Your comments make my day and bring large smiles to my face. Thanks for that. I will save my pennies for a warmer time!!! :) And also, don't worry, Costa Rica post totally coming! :) Are you so proud of me??? xo

communikate. said...

Love the bangs. Good call.

laden backpack said...

Sad to say I am old enough to remember MLK. I remember the huge
crowd at the mall in Washington and the news reports of what was going on. I remember the reports of his
death and the photos in Life magazine
that showed the various places that
were part of the shooting. I am guessing
his impact was intensified by his death. It galvanized the civil rights
movement and gave people real purpose
and direction to carry on. His impact and vision will be forever
recognized and felt by many.

Courtney said...

i don't have an instagram (or an iphone for that matter) and i'm lazy at taking photos with my big camera....sigh....add it to the ever growing list of things to be better about in the new year.

kELLO! said...

instagram made me so lazy that we sold our big cameras! ah! but now i miss it and we're saving for the mark II. ike is going to buy it for us with our nice tax return ;)

Linds said...

little camera or big---at least you're taking pictures. pretty ones at that.