the cloisters in upper uptown manhattan

the cloisters is located in the far northwest corner of the island of manhattan. when you get off the subway (a train) at 190th- you walk through fort tyron park, stop at the lookout point that is fort washington and then keep on walking up the hill to the cloisters museum.

the cloisters is part of the metropolitan museum of art- so lucky us, it calls for a suggested donation for admission. some days we are feeling more generous than others- when we went to the cloisters we splurged and donated $10 total to attend the museum.

the actually building that is the cloisters is pieced together from many old european buildings (all thanks to john d. rockefeller). i mean, not all the pieces are from old buildings, but some parts are. and the medieval euro art is great.
mostly i loved the old windows- since i am a stained glass and old glass lover (i used to building windows in college).

like the guggenheim museum, i like the cloisters for the actual building- the building is better than the art for me. that and the location. being way uptown like that was like being in a whole other place - not so much the countryside, but this sort of urban sanctuary.

i recommend it.
more on the cloisters here.

p.s. i acquired some bangs. ben calls me bangszy now.


shayna said...

I need to go to the cloisters with a bag of oysters.

caroline said...

trees that look like candelabras? they are amazing, and also photographed beautifully.

sienna said...

one of my favorite places. looks quite a bit different in the winter than it does in the summer, but still looks beautiful.

Peggy said...

Now, I finally feel like I have made it to the Cloisters! Thanks, Em, for taking me there. And by the way, I really love you in the previous blog with the frame around your beautiful face. So fitting.

Linds said...

For some reason I kept reading oysters. Silly brain. I love donating-it makes me feel like I'm artsy fartsy.

Bangin' hot.