an evening in brooklyn

suzie- why do you always hide behind my face?!
on saturday, we ventured to brooklyn- prospect heights, if you must know. we went to see our favorite brooklyn ladies: suzie + elliot.

suzie fed us amazing dinner and amazing green juice made from her new vitamix, the machine ben and i envy very much. i love their new little apartment. i get excited when people find better places to live than they did previously because it's always nice to be on the greener grass side of life.

we talked about pot roast, church, people, crazy races and chocolate. all very essential ingredients to a good conversation.

we then made our way to the chocolate room in park slope, brooklyn--- but since it is but a tiny room and the elliot in the stroller fell asleep we may or may not have taken our chocolate yummies to go and eaten them at a different food place- but it's ok because we bought a soda there so that's not tacky right?
we would have just eaten the chocolate outside had it not been january.


hanner said...


sienna said...

i agree with hannah.

Caroline said...


shayna said...

You and Suzie have fun faces. So which ones are the crazy races?

Brooklyn said...

Fun weekend!!

Linds said...

some of my favorite peoples. and what could make it even better? chocolate! sounds like a wonderful date.