[fairly] recent restaurant reviews - nyc

new ashiya (ashiya 2)-
great sushi. and really, really cheap. the funniest part is that the menu lists all of the “original” prices and then the “50% off” prices. the best part is- the prices are always 50% off. hehe. gets me everytime. last time we went was with three people and we got out of there spending $30 for everyone. we all got miso soup and shared 5-6 sushi rolls. amazing.
in the east village :)

los tacos. the taco stand is the in the back of this latino market. it is the ultimate hole-in-the-wall. tacos, tortas (sandwiches), et cetera. all great. clinton/hell’s kitchen- $10-$15 for two.


the best Indian food i’ve had outside of india. the price isn’t bad either. butter chicken isn’t on the menu, but try it. and they also have peshwari naan, also not on the menu. do try- it has a great coconutty taste. haveli has a great blend of southern and northern indian food. most u.s. indian restaurants only do northern indian. but south or north, it’s ALL good. be sure to have gulab jamun for dessert.
east village (i heart the east village). - $35-$45 for two.

sandwiches, get it? pole caught tuna sandwich, goat cheese sandwich, ham & cheese (and supposedly their pbj is to die for). they also sell ice cream sandwiches. i am anxious to try it!
many locations in manhattan.- about $7-$9 for a sandwich.

café habana-
cuban food. the corn on the cob! it’s traditionally mexican but it is done perfectly- the cheese, lime, chili powder, mayo. get a cuban or anything with pork since cuba is famous for its pork. i got the tacos al pastor, ben got the roasted pork. so very delicious. (consider getting it from their ‘to go’ since the restaurant is teeny tiny.)
soho/nolita- $25-$40 for two people

lobster place-
lobster rolls, clam chowder, maine root soda. all to die for. lobster rolls are usually a toasted bun with lobster meat in a sort of sauce. mmmm. saves you the trouble of shelling the lobster yourself.
chelsea market- $25 for lunch for two

jacques torres-
chocolate. the wicked hot chocolate: more than enough reason to go there. it has chili powder in it or something crazy. and their tiny overpriced chocolates are also some of my faves.
multiple locations.- hot chocolate about $3


their chocolate chunk cookies are so divine. they are sort of crispy on the outside but gooey on the inside. how do they do it?
near grand central.- $1.50 for a cookie

sweet revenge-
the tiniest, cutest little dessert and tea joint in the west village. great tea. best pumpkin cupcake.
west village. about $8 for tea and a cupcake

pepe verde-
the sister to pepe rosso (reviewed previously). basically the same menu- with great panini and pastas (vodka pancetta) but in the west village.
$15-$20 for two

l'arte del gelato-
impressive gelato.
chelsea market, west village.

union square cafe-
danny meyer's place. he's the guy that started shake shack. a blend of italian/french/new american. a little spendier than usual but a really great place for a fancy celebration dinner. reservations must be made EARLY. pomegranate hibiscus soda, fois gras mushroom ravioli, apple salad, banana tarte.
union square area.

il caffe latte-

this place makes me so happy. it's quiet, quaint and laid back. it feels like the ideal place for a quick tea/beverage or maybe just a salmon burger (pictured above). and it's in harlem! i am very proud of this gem, because it is a gem!
(above photos taken at il caffe latte)

aqua fresca-
cuban. los tacos. and the churros with dulce de leche are good enough by themselves.
free delivery! east harlem.

amor cubano-
cuban sandwich. yucca frita (yucca fries). best. ever.
east harlem.

burger joint at le parker meridien (it's secret)-
supposedly the best burger in the city. i think it's because it's very "authentic" and very "4th of julyish" it's mostly fun to eat at a secret place.

alouette french bistro-
truffled chicken. mussels. really attractive wait staff.
upper west side.


Emily said...

I'm adding these to my list thankyouverymuch.

laden backpack said...

Put these on the list for twice a day
for a week in march. yummy

communikate. said...

i love that you guys love food as much as we do! even more reason to be travel buds. :)

Linds said...

yum pepe rosso still finds my dreams. so a sister restaurant is a must.